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NPDES and LAS General Permit Forms

All wastewater permit applications will be available for online submittal beginning in April 2018 via the Georgia EPD Online System (GEOS). Beginning June 1, 2018 all applications must be submitted electronically through GEOS.  More information on GEOS, including training and guidance materials can be found here.

A link to all of the NPDES general permits and LAS general permits currently in effect can be found below, along with their fact sheets and notice of intent (NOI). Any facility that wishes to obtain coverage under one of the following permits should complete a NOI.

Any facility (Animal Feeding Operations see below) that wishes to terminate their coverage under the above-referenced permits should complete and submit the following required form: Notice of Termination.

Animal Feeding Operations that wish to terminate their coverage, however, should complete their specific Notice of Termination.

For more information about any of the following, please visit the general permits page here.

NPDES General Permits


 Effective  Permit


Notice of Intent


Aquatic Pesticides to Waters of the State


GAG820000 Fact Sheet

GAG820000 FAQs

GAG820000 NOI


Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations


GAG930000 Fact Sheet

EPA Form 1

EPA Form 2B

Application Addendum

> 300 Animal Units (AU)  


Filter Backwash Discharges Associated With Water Treatment Activity With Sludge Handling Capability


GAG640000 Fact Sheet

GAG640000 NOI


Mining and Processing Facilities


GAG300000 Fact Sheet

GAG300000 NOI

Only for SIC Codes:1411, 1422, 1423, 1429, 1459, 2951, 3273, 3272

Once-Through Non-Contact Cooling Water With No Chemical Additives


GAG200000 Fact Sheet

GAG200000 NOI


Private and Institutional Development (PID) WPCP


GAG550000 Fact Sheet

GAG550000 NOI

GAG550000 NOI Instructions


Settlement Pond Discharge from Sand & Gravel Dredgers


GAG100000 Fact Sheet

GAG100000 NOI

Only for SIC Codes: 1442, 1446


LAS General Permits


  Effective  Permit


Notice of Intent


Animal Feeding Operations



GAG920000 NOI

301 – 1000 Animal Units (AU)

Animal Feeding Operations



GAG940000 NOI

> 1000 Animal Units (AU)

Land Disposal of Domestic Septage


GAG620000 Fact Sheet

SMP Checklist

GAG620000 Guidelines

GAG620000 NOI


Large Community Subsurface Systems


GAG278000 Guidance

GAG278000 NOI New

GAG278000 NOI Existing

Monthly Average Design Flow of 10,000 to 150,000 GPD