Air Permit Fees

EPD is proposing changes to Air Permit Fees, starting in State Fiscal Year 2021. Pre-proposal Draft Rules and Draft Fee Manual will be posted here beginning Monday, January 6th.

The new proposed fees have been updated to $2,100 per year for Synthetic Minor sources, $1,900 per year for NSPS sources, and $650 per year for the new maintenance fee.  Updated Draft Fee Manual as of 02/03/2020

Public Notice: Stakeholder Meeting on EPD's Air Permit Fees Update

Pre-proposal Draft Rules

Draft Fee Manual (changes are highlighted in yellow for your convenience)

Presentation from Stakeholder Meeting

Questions, Answers, and Comments from Permit Fees Stakeholder Meeting

There are three types of fees associated with Air Permitting in Georgia:

  • Air Permit Fees  (longstanding annually assessed fee program – see Annual Fees tab below)
  • Expedited Permit Application Fees (optional – see link to Expedited Permitting)
  • NEW – Permit Application Fees  (Effective March 1, 2019)

NEW – Permit Application Fees

Georgia EPD – Air Protection Branch continues to collect annual permit fees and optional fees for expedited permit applications.   Beginning March 1, 2019 will collect permit application fees for each permit application submitted.    The fee amount varies on the type of permit application.  Some permit applications will not have a fee.

Permit Type

Application Fees

Generic (Minor or Synthetic Minor) Permit


Title V Initial and Renewal


Off-Permit Change Request


No Permit Required Exemption


Minor Source Permit or Amendment


Name / Ownership Change




Synthetic Minor Source Permit or Amendment


Title V Minor Modification with Construction


Title V Minor Modification without Construction


Title V Significant Modification with Construction


Title V Significant Modification without Construction


Title V 502(b)(10) Permit Amendment


Major Source Permit not PSD or 112(g)


PSD Permit


112(g) Permit


Nonattainment NSR Permit


General Instructions for Permit Application Fees

  1. Do not submit payment until prompted by Air Protection Branch staff after application submittal.
  2. Use GECO system to create an invoice and submit along with payment.
  3. Preferred method of payment is check to P.O. Box 101713, Atlanta 30392 (its on the GECO invoice); credit card payments must be processed by contacting Susie Kocsis at (404) 362-2632.
  4. For more information, see the 2017 fee manual below, or call the Air Protection Branch – Permitting at (404) 363-7000.

Annual Permit Fees

For calculating fees due for the calendar years 1991 through 2001 refer to “Procedures for Calculating Air Permit Fees” for the appropriate year. To obtain a copy of the permit fee manual for 1991 through 2008, contact the Air Protection Branch at (404) 363-7000. Only those matters relating to the calculation of air permit fees required under 391-3-1-.03(9) are contained in the Permit Fee Manual, as the text is not intended to be a restatement or interpretation of emission standards or regulations.

Air Permit Fee Manual Downloads

To further assist you in completing the online fee form, the EPD Financial Unit has made available the fee calculation forms used by the auditors. These forms can be used to assist you in performing the annual fee calculations and kept on site for auditing purposes. Do not submit the fee calculation forms.

Additional Information on stationary source permitting can be found at SIP Construction & Operating Permit Applications, Synthetic Minor Permit Application, and Title V Permitting.