Stationary Source Compliance Program

  • Phone: (404) 363-7000
  • Fax: (404) 363-7100

The Stationary Source Compliance Program consists of five units: Air Toxics Unit, Chemicals/Minerals Unit, VOC/Combustion Unit, Industrial Source Monitoring Unit and the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program.  The Stationary Source Compliance Program is responsible for evaluating stationary sources of air pollution throughout Georgia for compliance with state and federal environmental rules/regulations, as well as compliance with Air Quality Permit conditions. This is accomplished through onsite inspections, reviews of periodic monitoring reports, stack test results, and annual compliance certifications.

We are also responsible for taking timely and appropriate enforcement action to remedy conditions of noncompliance, investigating air pollution complaints, assisting the District Offices with air quality matters, and reviewing draft air quality permits for enforceability. 

  • Conducts inspections of stationary sources of air pollution (includes combustion, chemical, mineral, and VOC sources).
  • Enforces Air Quality Control Rules for combustion, chemical, mineral, and VOC sources.
  • Ensures that sources of air toxics are in compliance with air toxics rules.
  • Responds to citizen complaints about air quality problems.
  • Provides compliance assistance to newly regulated sources subject to air quality rules.
  • Specifies and approves all stationary source emissions monitoring and testing procedures.
  • Reviews Risk Management Plans and performs inspections under Sec. 112(r) of the Clean Air Act (CAA).
  • The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) provides permitting and technical assistance to small businesses.

Sean Taylor, Program Manager, Phone (470) 938-3349
Email Sean Taylor

Air Toxics Unit
William Fleming, Phone (470) 524-0704
Email William Fleming
Chemicals/Minerals Unit
Tammy Hayes, Phone (470) 524-0274
Email Tammy Hayes
VOC/Combustion Unit
Tammy Swindell, Unit Manager, Phone (470) 938-3367
Email Tammy Swindell

Industrial Source Monitoring Unit
Dan McCain, Unit Manager, Phone (470) 938-3374
Email Daniel McCain
Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP)
Sherry Waldron, Small Business Ombudsman, Phone (470) 524-0645
Email Sherry Waldron

Use EPA's Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) website below to search for facilities in your community to assess their compliance with environmental regulations. You can also investigate pollution sources, examine and create enforcement-related maps, or explore your state's performance.


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