GA EPD processed five years (2015-2019) of meteorological data for various combinations of ASOS surface and upper air station pairings.  Assignment of station pairings to each county was based on distance to the centroid of the county, climatological zone, data collection period, and data completeness criteria.

The meteorological files were processed using AERMET (v19191), AERSURFACE (v20060), and AERMINUTE (v15272).  The consecutive five years (2015-2019) of meteorological data were generated with one-minute wind data (TD-6405 format) for all ASOS stations except KVLD (Valdosta) station. Since one-minute or 5-minute wind data in 2015 is insufficient to use for KVLD station, GA EPD provides the non-consecutive five years (2014 and 2016-2019) of meteorological data.

A justification of the representativeness of the meteorological data for a specific site location must be provided in the modeling protocol. Download this xls file. View the surface station height information  (both surface and upper air stations). The surface station height is used in AERMOD input as PROFBASE keyword.

For questions on the selection and use of this data, please contact Permit Modeling or call (470) 524-0734.

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