Safe Dams Program

Pursuant to the Georgia Safe Dams Act, O.C.G.A. Secs. 12-5-370 et seq., the Safe Dams Program is responsible for developing and maintaining an inventory of dams, classifying dams, and ensuring compliance of all regulated dams. To be considered a dam under the Georgia Safe Dams Act, a structure must either be at least 25 feet tall (vertical height) or store at least 100 acre-feet (volume) at maximum storage. If the structure also meets the criteria for a Category I dam, it is regulated under the Act and a permit is required from EPD. Category I structures are those where it has been determined, should the dam ever fail, there is a probable loss of life from that failure. Consequently, Category II are those dams where no occupied structure has been identified to be in the dam failure zone. The Safe Dams Program is also responsible for working with dam owners on their compliance with the Act and corresponding rules, and where necessary, taking enforcement actions against owners who do not comply with the Act and Rules.

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