Hazardous Site Response Release Notifications


Response and Remediation Program

(404) 657-8600

The Response & Remediation Program (RRP) of the Land Protection Branch evaluates notices of releases of regulated substances to determine if the release should be listed on the Hazardous Site Inventory (HSI) for further investigation and cleanup, if necessary. RRP receives notice of the releases as a "Release Notification." Using the information provided and site visits, RRP issues a "Non-HSI letter" or an "HSI Listing Letter." Historical release notifications and EPD’s listing or non-listing determination of those submittals are available for public review at our office at 2 MLK Jr. Dr., Suite 1054 East Tower in the Sloppy Floyd Building.  Many release notifications are available in PDF format; however, some may require paper copies.  For more information on submitting release notifications, please see the following FAQ.

HSRA Notification 391-3-19-.04 FAQs

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Rule 391-3-19-.04. Release Notification