Georgia Rules That Address EPA's Control Techniques Guidelines

Control Techniques Guidelines (CTGs) are guidelines developed and published by EPA to assist states with the determination of Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) for volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in ozone nonattainment areas. A state implementation plan (SIP) for a state that includes an ozone nonattainment area classified as moderate must consider certain CTGs in the plan’s determination of RACT for the nonattainment area. Georgia’s State implementation plan (SIP) is required to consider CTGs due to the moderate classification of Atlanta’s ozone nonattainment area under the 1997 ozone standard. Georgia’s rules for air quality were amended (and the SIP was revised) to consider CTG Groups II, III, and IV in the determination of RACT.

Clean Air Act Section 182 addresses plan submissions and requirements for ozone nonattainment areas. Paragraph (b)(2) of this section requires states with moderate (or higher) ozone nonattainment areas to revise their SIPs to include RACT determinations for VOC sources covered by any CTG document issued after November 15, 1990, and prior to the date of attainment for the affected nonattainment area. Final guideline documents for the Group II, III, and IV CTGs were made available to states from 2006 through 2008 (see table below). The CTG documents can be viewed at EPA’s webpage. The Atlanta ozone nonattainment area (1997 standard) was redesignated to attainment effective January 2, 2014.

In 2012 Georgia EPD submitted to EPA proposed revisions to the SIP and to the State rules for air quality to address the Clean Air Act requirements for CTGs. EPA approved the proposed rule changes on September 28, 2012. The Georgia SIP revisions and final State rules are listed in the table below. The rules apply to sources of VOC emissions in the twenty-county  Download this pdf file.Atlanta ozone nonattainment area . Click on a group in the table to view the associated SIP revision. Click on a product category in the table to view the associated rule language and other details.

Control Techniques Guidelines Considered for Determination of RACT for Atlanta Ozone
Nonattainment Area (1997 Standard)

CTG Group Group Issue Date* GA SIP Revision** Product Category: Control Techniques Guideline** GA Rule 391-3-1-.02(2)__**
II 10/5/2006 Download this pdf file.Group II Download this pdf file.Flexible packaging printing materials ( Download this pdf )
Download this pdf file.Lithographic printing materials ( Download this pdf file.ddd )
Download this pdf file.Letterpress printing materials ( Download this pdf file.ddd )
Download this pdf file.Industrial cleaning solvents ( Download this pdf file.aaaa )
Download this pdf file.Flat wood paneling coatings ( Download this pdf file.jj )
III 10/9/2007 Download this pdf file.Group III Download this pdf file.Paper, film, and foil coatings ( Download this pdf file.w )
Download this pdf file.Metal furniture coatings ( Download this pdf file.y )
Download this pdf file.Large appliance coatings ( Download this pdf file.z )
IV 10/7/2008 Download this pdf file.Group IV Download this pdf file.Miscellaneous metal products coatings ( Download this pdf file.ii )
Download this pdf file.Plastic parts coatings ( Download this pdf file.vvv )
Download this pdf file.Auto and light-duty truck assembly coatings ( Download this pdf file.t )
Download this pdf file.Fiberglass boat manufacturing materials ( Download this pdf file.zzz )
Download this pdf file.Miscellaneous industrial adhesives ( Download this pdf file.yyy )

* EPA’s Notice of Final Determination and Availability
** Click entry for details