Georgia ISC Meteorological Data

GA EPD provides five years of ISC meteorological data used for permit modeling. The applicants choose the dataset based on the distance from the meteorological site to the proposed project site and climatological zone.

The 11 sets of compressed meteorological data files for Georgia are below:

File Name Surface Station Anemometer Height Upper Air Station Years
ATHATH-A.ZIP Athens 25 feet Athens 89-93
ATLATH-A.ZIP Atlanta 20 feet Athens 74-78
AUGATH-A.ZIP Augusta 20 feet Athens 74-78
CHAGRN-A.ZIP Chattanooga 20 feet Greensboro 84-86
CHAGRN-A.ZIP Chattanooga 30 feet Greensboro 87-89
COLCNT-A.ZIP Columbus 30 feet Centreville 85-89
JAXWAY-A.ZIP Jacksonville 20 feet Waycross 70-74
MCNWAY-A.ZIP Macon 23 feet Waycross 84-88
MCNCNT-A.ZIP Macon 23 feet Centreville 74-78
SAVWAY-A.ZIP Savannah 30 feet Waycross 82-86
TLHWAY-A.ZIP Tallahassee 25 feet Waycross 82-86