Drought Management

Please note: On June 24, 2015, the DNR Board adopted Drought Management Rules that replaced former rule provisions relating to outdoor water use as well as the 2003 Drought Management Plan.  The Drought Management Rules, Chapter 391-3-30, require specific drought response strategies during specified levels of declared drought that may limit or restrict some of the outdoor water uses discussed below. 

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Drought Indicators Reports

Pursuant to the Rules for Drought Management, Section 391-3-30-.04, Drought Indicators and Triggers, the Director of EPD monitors climatic indicators and water supply conditions to assess drought occurrence and severity, and its impact upon the ability of public water systems to provide adequate supplies of water.  The Rules require EPD to report on current climatic indicators at least semi-annually, and as frequently as monthly when any part of the state has experienced at least two consecutive months of severe drought.  The Reports are in Microsoft Power Point and are best viewed in slideshow mode.

Monthly Reporting Form

EPD requires public water systems that are currently at a drought response level 2 or above to complete and submit this form monthly:

Variances From State Outdoor Water Use Schedules

Public water systems may not impose restrictions on outdoor watering that are different from the state requirements unless they obtain a variance from the EPD.  Public water systems who want to impose outdoor water use restrictions more or less stringent than the state requirements may apply for a variance from the state’s current drought response using the documents below.  A water system must be able to demonstrate “good cause” and EPD is required to act upon that request within 5 business days.

Current Variances:

  • None at this time

Variance Information:

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