State Implementation Plan Revisions for Air Quality Standards

Revisions to the State Implementation Plan (SIP) are generally required for an area of the State that has been designated as nonattainment for one of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The SIPs demonstrate how and when an area will achieve attainment of a standard or how an area that has achieved attainment will maintain attainment:

  • Attainment demonstration plans
  • Maintenance plans and redesignation requests

Attainment demonstration plans are required for most areas that have been designated nonattainment for a NAAQS. Maintenance plans are required for nonattainment areas that have achieved a NAAQS. Click here for a discussion of the NAAQS.

Attainment demonstration plans and maintenance plans are required under Clean Air Act (CAA) Sections 110, 172, and 175A. CAA Section 110 (Implementation Plans) and 40 CFR Part 51 Subpart F contain detailed requirements pertaining to the submittal of plans to EPA and EPA’s approval of the plans. More information on SIPs.

To view Georgia’s current attainment demonstration plans and maintenance plans, select one of the following pollutants:

Another type of plan is the infrastructure plan or SIP, which is required by Section 110(a)(1) of the CAA. An infrastructure SIP provides for the implementation, maintenance, and enforcement of any new or revised NAAQS. The required elements of the infrastructure SIP are specified in Section 110(a)(2). Examples of the required elements are establishment of the state’s legal authority to regulate air emissions and performance of emissions inventories, air quality monitoring, and air quality modeling. These infrastructure elements provide assurances that the State will maintain the basic programs needed to implement, maintain, and enforce the new or revised standards.

Infrastructure SIPs are required for all NAAQS, regardless of the attainment status of the areas within the state. They must be submitted to EPA within three years of the promulgation of a new or revised standard. To view Georgia’s current infrastructure SIP for a given standard, select the standard below: