Radiation and Radioactive Materials

Radioactive Material Fees will be invoiced Oct 1.  If you did not receive an invoice please contact the program at [email protected]

For X-Rays & X-Ray Producing Machines

The Department of Community Health (not EPD) regulates X-ray producing machines.

All Medical users such as hospitals, medical, dental, veterinary, podiatry, chiropractic offices and Non-Medical/Industrial X-ray Equipment users such as manufacturers, universities, and, governmental and X-ray unit(s) for security purposes are required to register with the Department of Community Health, Healthcare Facility Regulation.

Please contact the Department of Community Health at 404-656-4507 or email at [email protected] for additional information on equipment registration and necessary operator training/licenses.

Radiation Protection Programs

Radiation Protection Programs handle licensing, inspections and enforcement of users of ionizing radiation in the State of Georgia, investigation of incidents involving radioactive materials, development of emergency plans, emergency responder training and readiness exercises as pertaining to radioactive materials and nuclear power facilities.

For Radioactive Materials Licenses

The Radioactive Materials Program implements the Georgia Radiation Control Act and the Georgia Rules and Regulations for Radioactive Materials. 

  • Regulates use of radioactive materials other than at nuclear reactors.
  • Administers the Georgia Radiation Control Act.
  • Responds to incidents involving radioactive materials and radiation exposure at licensed facilities.
  • Inspects and issues licenses to users of radioactive materials such as hospitals, doctors offices, radiopharmacies, colleges and universities, environmental laboratories, and users of industrial radiography and specialty gauging devices.

Other Radioactive Materials Pages

For Radiation Emergency Preparedness

The Environmental Radiation Program works with state, local and federal authorities on radiological emergency preparedness.  The Program is the primary state responder to incidents at nuclear power plants and is involved with emergency plan development, emergency responder training and readiness exercises.

  • Oversees remedial actions involving radioactive materials.
  • Maintains environmental radiation monitoring networks around commercial and defense nuclear facilities in or bordering Georgia.
  • Provides limited radio-analytical laboratory support to EPD's drinking water and other regulatory programs.