Permitting Program

The Stationary Source Permitting Program (SSPP) issues and amends Air Quality Permits for new and existing stationary air sources. This includes New Source Review and all Operating Permit Programs.

The permitting process consists of a detailed technical review of facility submitted applications that ultimately culminates in the issuance of a Construction and/or Operating Permit. This review includes a rule applicability analysis (federal and state), a Toxic Impact Assessment (if necessary) and development of periodic monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements to provide reasonable assurance of compliance with applicable regulations.

We are also involved in the development of regulations on local and national levels. SSPP is divided into four industry-specific units: Chemicals, Minerals, NOx and VOC

Steve Allison, Permitting Program Manager, Phone: (404) 363-7020
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Chemical Permitting Unit
Industry Categories – Batteries; Bulk Storage Terminals; Pulp & Paper; Pharmaceuticals; Plastics, Resins & Polymers; Specialty Chemicals; Tires; Wood Products

Wendy Troemel, Unit Manager, Phone: (470) 524-0664
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Minerals Permitting Unit
Industry Categories – Asphalt; Bricks & Tile; Concrete; Cotton Gins; Food; Kaolin & Fuller Earth; Laundries; Lime & Gypsum; Military Bases; Miscellaneous Minerals; Quarries; Rendering; Waste Oils; Feed Mills; Cotton Gins

Hamid Yavari, Unit Manager, Phone: (470) 524-0739
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NOx Permitting Unit
Industry Categories – Airports; Buildings; Communications; Engine Production; Government & University Buildings; Hospitals; Landfills; Natural Gas; Poultry Processing; Power Generation; Vegetable Oils

Cynthia Dorrough, Unit Manager, Phone: (470) 524-0607
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VOC Permitting Unit
Industry Categories – Aerospace; Automobile Assembly; Bakeries; Boat & Shipbuilding; Electronic Components; Expanded Polystyrene; Fiberglass Molding. Lumber Kilns & Wood Pellets Manufacturing; Non-reactive Bulk Mixing; Rubber Products; Surface Coating; Textiles

Jeng-Hon Su, Unit Manager, Phone: (470) 524-0662
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