Car Wash Certifications

The purpose of this rule is to establish best management practices and certification requirements for permanent facility car washes as required by SB 466 passed in the 2008 legislative session. 

By meeting these requirements, a facility may be certified by the Division as a permanent facility car wash, and not be considered to be an outdoor water user for purposes of any outdoor watering restrictions. Local jurisdictions may petition the EPD Director for variances to allow more restrictive conditions depending on locally severe drought conditions.

The inspection checklist needs to be completely filled-out and signed by a Georgia Certified Backflow Tester. 

To search for a Certified Backflow Tester in your area, please visit GAWP's website at

If the facility passes, the car wash owner/operator needs to submit the form to the Division, along with a check for $50. After receiving a valid inspection form and the payment of $50, a certificate good for one year will then be considered for issuance. 

Should the form be found invalid, the form and the payment will be returned. It will be the car wash owner/operator’s responsibility to keep the certification up-to-date; the Division will not issue any reminders.



Surface Water Withdrawal Unit Manager Kelli-Ann Sottile