Underground Storage Tanks

                                 ***SCAM ALERT***

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division Underground Storage Tank Management Program (USTMP) has received information about scammers trying to impersonate the USTMP by requesting GEOS users to verify/update their contact information using a link in an email or by copy/paste a web address.

Please be aware that the USTMP will never contact GEOS users, or any member of the public, threatening to revoke UST registration. Every notification the USTMP sends to the public will always be via official means and therefore, you should never disclose your pin, password, or personal information to anyone.

Should you wish to complete the Annual Tank Registration (ATR) for 2024, log in to your GEOS account and follow the application process within the portal. Please contact the ATR Helpline at 404-362-2590 or [email protected] if you have any questions.



The Underground Storage Tank (UST) Management Program is responsible for regulating emergency generators and ensuring operational compliance and cleanup of leaks from registered UST systems. Common facilities of USTs are local gas and convenient stores, government facilities, airports and any industrial facility that uses petroleum (gas and diesel). Common facilities of emergency generators are hospitals and data communication centers.

There are several systems that are exempt from the Georgia UST Rules and Regulations. The most common exemptions are heating oils and tanks that are used for operating heating equipment, boilers and furnaces, and above ground storage tanks (ASTs). Please contact your local fire department, city or county government, or the USEPA with questions regarding heating tanks and AST regulations.

If you are unsure whether your tank or system is regulated by USTMP, please email [email protected] or call 404.362.2687 to speak with a member of our team.

To Report a Petroleum Product Release, click here.

If you need to update or change your facility or tank information, please use the form below:

      Download this pdf file. Form 7530 – Notification Data for UST  

The quick links below will direct you to more detailed information regarding the various aspects of the Underground Storage Tank Program.

     UST Facility Owners                                                               

     New and Potential UST Owners

     UST Operators                                                                 

     UST Corrective Action  (Environmental Consultants &                                  Contractors)

     Property Owners/Community              

     UST Data and Reporting 

     Underground Storage Tank Management Program

If you are a current UST Tester, click here for all Facility Equipment Testing Forms

It is important for you to know and understand the rules that govern Georgia’s Underground Storage Tank Program. Click here to view a copy of GUST Rule 391-3-15.

For information regarding UST File Reviews, click here.

For easy access to program forms, use the links below:

           Regulatory Compliance

           Corrective Action