The Environmental Protection Division (EPD), Wastewater Regulatory Program has been delegated the authority by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to administer permits for the treatment and disposal of domestic and industrial wastewater under the Clean Water Act. A permit is required from EPD for any facility that intends to discharge, land apply, or inject wastewater or fluid within the State.

Wastewater Permitting

See all information about Wastewater Permitting on the EPD site. 

Types of Permits:

Permit Requirements:

Water and Sewer Infrastructure Funding:

  • Projects funded by the Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law are administered by the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA).
  • Water and sewer infrastructure projects funded by the State of Georgia Fiscal Recovery Fund, American Rescue Plan Act Funds (State ARPA) were awarded  in 2022 and are administered by the Georgia Office of Planning and Budget  

Wastewater Disposal Engineering & Technical Guidance:

EPD has established a technical design review process in addition to the permitting process for new or expanding facilities. A permitted facility that plans to modify a treatment component, furthermore, may be required to submit certain documentation to EPD.