Title V Permitting

Georgia EPD has introduced a new online Title V permit application. Title V permit applications are now required to be submitted by using the new Georgia Environmental Online System (GEOS).

Please note that there is no ability for EPD to hold information submitted in the GEOS system “Confidential”.  All information entered should be “Public.” If there is a need to hold information confidential, please contact Steve Allison in the Stationary Source Permitting Program at the Air Protection Branch.

Useful GEOS Information

Below are links to useful information about GEOS. Please look at the Basic User Information document prior to registering.

NOTE: Data cannot be imported from the old Title V software database into GEOS. All information must be entered from scratch in GEOS.

Responsible Official Authorization of Delegation

A Responsible Official (RO) may delegate another representative to represent a facility in its Permit and Environmental Protection related reporting and filings with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, including but not limited to Emissions Fee Statements, Emission Inventory reports and Title V/SIP Application submittals.

Responsible Official Form

Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM) Plan

40 CFR Part 64 requires the submission of a Compliance Assurance Monitoring Plan or "CAM" Plan by those facilities that have equipment subject to the CAM regulations. The CAM Plan must be submitted with the Title V application. The Microsoft Word document that can be downloaded on this page is to be used to provide the information required by the CAM regulation.

Download this zip file. Download the CAM Plan

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Part 70 Application Supplement

The Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule (40 CFR Part 70, amended June 3, 2010) makes Greenhouse Gases (GHG) subject to regulation under Title V as of July 1, 2011 if facility potential-to-emit equals or exceeds 100,000 tons of CO2e per year. To address this, EPD developed an application supplement that must be completed and submitted with any Title V application (or Title V modification application) as of July 1, 2011.

August 15, 2014 Update:  Due to US Supreme Court Decision June 23, 2014, The GHG Supplement form is no longer required to be submitted.

SIP Permitting | Synthetic Minor Permits | Permit-by-Rule

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