Tire Products (Tire) Grant

The Tire Products (Tire) Grant furthers the goals for the SWTF by providing financial support to projects in Georgia to reduce solid waste, support manufacturing and market development for scrap tires, and encourage innovation.

FY 25 Updates

SWTF Grant Program Administration Portal

The SWTF Grant Program Administration Portal is an online grant management platform. Previously, applications, reports, and reimbursement requests were downloaded by applicants and awardees and then emailed to SWTF Grant Program Staff. FY25 applicants and awardees may complete and submit applications, reports, and reimbursement requests online through the Tire Grant Portal.

The SWTF Grant Team will host a virtual training on August 1, 2024, at 10:00 AM to review profile creation and application submission for the Tire Grant. The training will be recorded and posted online.

Register in advance for the Tire Grant Portal Training: https://gaepd.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_1evXDLOrTjiNdVVJf1acsw

FY24 Tire Grants Awardees

Starting August 15, 2024, existing awardees with active projects through the Tire Grant will use the Tire Grant Portal to submit quarterly and final reports, and reimbursement requests. Training on reporting and reimbursement requests will be provided at a later date. 

Proposed Schedule and FY25 Informational Webinar

Applications for the FY25 Tire Grant will be accepted through the Tire Grant Portal starting August 15, 2024, through September 30, 2024.  Applications submitted via email or through other means will not be accepted. 

The SWTF Grant Team will host an informational webinar on August 8, 2024, at 10:00 AM to review schedule, budget, and application requirements for the FY25 Tire Grant. 

Register in advance for this webinar: https://gaepd.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_X2e5FncqTWCzD_ZiBdWa-w


Eligible applicants and recipients include counties, municipalities, or any combination of the same, or public authorities, agencies, commissions, or institutions.  

Local governments applicants must have a qualified local government status as of the date of their application, as determined by the Georgia Department of Community Affairshttps://apps.dca.ga.gov/LocalGovStatus/planning.asp

Grant Description and Project Tracks

Grants will be awarded subject to the amount of funds available. Eligible applicants may apply up to the established cap of $250,000. 

Projects at various stages will be considered. The timeline for the portion of the project funded by this grant may not exceed 24 months in length. There are two project tracks eligible for funding within the Tire Grant. Applicants must choose the project track and may not apply for more than one in the same grant cycle.

Tire-derived Products

These are projects that utilize tire-derived products (TDP). Awarded grant funds will only pay for the direct costs related to the incorporation of TDP and associated services into projects which would normally utilize conventional or virgin materials. Direct costs may include material costs or services, such as hauling, and mixing of the TDP.

TDP may be used in projects including, but not limited to:

  1. Paving
  2. Poured playgrounds or trails
  3. Mats, pavers, and tiles
  4. Courts for schools or parks
  5. Traffic related products

No matching is required for this track.

Research of New and/or Innovative Uses for Scrap Tires

These are projects that seek to identify innovative uses and/or conduct research, tests, or develop beneficial uses or products derived from scrap tires. Awarded grant funds may be used for all costs related to research, such as salaries and material testing.

For the Research of New and/or Innovative Uses of Scrap Tires track, the applicant must provide a minimum 20% match of the total project cost. Awarded grant funds will pay up to 80% of the total project cost.

Tire Grant Documents

Resources for Applicants

Application Instructions

Completed applications and supporting materials must be submitted through Tire Grant Portal.

Information on how to set up a profile to access the Tire Grant Portal can be viewed in the Download this pdf file. SWTF Grant Program Profile Set-up Guide .

Information on how to use the portal can be reviewed in the Download this pdf file. Tire and RWD Grant Portal Guide .

Previous Grant Cycles

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