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Georgia Flint River Basin Plan

Flint River Basin Regional Water Development and Conservation Plan, Final Report, March 20, 2006 (PDF) Note: Large file (four megabytes). May take a long time to download.

Stakeholder Advisory Committee, Permitting Recommendations, Final as of November 14, 2005 (PDF)

The Flint River Regional Water Development and Conservation Plan, announced on October 23, 1999, will be completed in December 2005. The Plan will involve a comprehensive review of water development, conservation, and sustainable use and will be based on detailed scientific analysis. It will also serve to promote the conservation and reuse of water, guard against a shortage of water, and promote efficient use of the water resource. (OCGA 12-5-31)

One of the major goals of the Flint River Plan will be to address the moratorium to determine whether it can be lifted in whole or in part, if at all. Another major goal of the Plan will to establish a “safe yield” for the stream-aquifer system of the lower Flint River Basin.

As required by State law, the Flint River Plan must be based on detailed scientific analysis. The Flint River Plan will involve the input of a Technical Advisory Committee made up of scientists and specialists who have been working extensively in the Flint River Basin. This committee will provide technical assistance to a Stakeholder Advisory Committee composed of farmers and other stakeholders from southwest Georgia who have a strong interest in sustainable water management of the Flint River Basin. The Stakeholder Advisory Committee will, in turn, give input to EPD in the development of water management policy for the Flint River Basin.